Vindicating His Bride

     One evening during a prayer meeting the Holy Spirit began to lead us to call in the intercessors.  It was a call FOR the intercessors.  As we began to flow in this prayer and in the spirit, I began to see people coming out of their houses from every direction, the north, the south, the east and the west.  They were coming into the house of God, the house of prayer, from their own prayer closets, their own "secret places".  There was a gathering together, a time of coming out of that hidden place into the place of unity and togetherness.

     The next morning as I was meditating on this vision, the Lord began to expand it.  As the intercessors heard and responded to the call and began to gather in the house with the Lord, I saw Jesus begin to stand up from this place of prayer, this place where He had been on His knees in deep prayer and intercession.  As He stood up straight, I saw and felt Him take a deep breath.  His face and resolve were set straight ahead like flint.  His eyes were focused and set. There was fire in His eyes. He had seen His enemy, the thief, the spirit of religion, the spirit that had robbed and stripped His Bride from her kingdom power and authority, the spirit that had robbed and stripped her of her faith, of her expectancy.  The thief had stolen from her the expectation of the demonstrating of miracles, signs and wonders.  Jesus had seen this enemy and was set now with a fire in His eyes to vindicate His Bride, to destroy her enemy and to make a public display and spectacle out of him before her and before the world.  His love for His Bride was so impassioned that He would not and could not be stopped.

     As the intercessors gathered I could feel that He had received new strength and a new determination to bring the enemy to defeat as He began to mount His horse.  Then I saw Jesus mounted on His horse with His right arm, holding His sword, extended out and pointed upwards.  I saw, to His right and to His left, a long flank of warriors, intercessors and angels, stretched out as far as the eye could see.  And as He lowered His sword and pointed it at the enemy and the massive army of evil spirits, I saw the flanks on the right and on the left began to close in, beginning to make the shape of a "V" as they closed in on the enemy while the Lord remained positioned and still.  Gradually the flank of warriors, intercessors, and angels closed in on the enemy of spirits, until the enemy and spirits were all lined up in a single file, surrounded on both sides by the Lord's army of intercessors. Then I saw the Lord reach back into His quiver and pull out an arrow and begin to align it on His bow, aiming it down on this single line of the enemy.  And then I heard Him say, "My precious Bride of Destiny, I have made you a select arrow, and I have hidden you in my quiver and now it is in you that I will show My glory."(Is 49:2)  Then He shot the arrow, releasing it, penetrating every evil spirit connected with that spirit of religion and bringing them to defeat.  

     He had defeated the enemy.  He and His Bride and His army of intercessors and angels, together had destroyed this enemy, the thief, that had robbed, stripped and stolen from His Bride and His kingdom.  He had won the victory!  He had vindicated His Bride!

Setting His House In Order

     In the days that followed I was just giving praise to the Lord for this revelation and for this victory that He had shown me in the spirit and what He was doing as we continued to pray and seek Him with all our hearts.  As I focused on this revelation in worship and praise, the Lord began to show me that this place of prayer that He had been in had come out of His Word, Mark 11:11 "And He entered Jerusalem and came into the temple; and after looking around, He departed for Bethany with the twelve, since it was already late."

     He reminded me that it was a time, just days before His crucifixion, a time that He was spending His last days on earth with His disciples and the people that He had come to deliver the message that the kingdom of heaven was at hand.  He showed me how in these last days when He had entered the temple which was the house of God, how He was so grieved by what He saw.  His Father's house was not near what it was supposed to be.  It was full of "money changers", religious spirits, and thieves that had robbed the house and the people of the holiness of God.  They had robbed the people of the passion for prayer and communion with the Father in His house.  And as He looked around He was grieved. He was speechless.  His heart was broken.  He had to turn and leave and go to the Father in prayer.

     He began to show me that this time that He spent in intercession was to call on His Father for help, for strength, and for wisdom.  And as the Father saw and heard His heart, the Father responded by sending Him help from the intercessors and the prayer warriors, His earthly angels, and ministering spirits. Then as Jesus rose up in strength, power and a new resolve, He went back into the house of the Lord and He began turning over tables, casting out the religious spirits and said, "Is it not written, My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations? But you have made it at den of thieves."  He was turning over the tables of religion and unbelief, tables of control and manipulation.  He was setting His Father's house back in order, back into a house of prayer for all nations.

     That is what the Lord is doing now, in this hour.  He is calling us, the Church, to rise up in who we are in Christ and put His house back in order.  He's calling us to repent, to cast out the enemy of religion and control, making His house a house of prayer again for all nations.

      "When the thief is found out he must repay seven times and give all the substance of the house." (Prov. 6:31)  The thief, the spirit of religion, has been found out.  He's been exposed, and now he MUST repay seven times what he has stolen from the Church.  Seven times greater will the Church, the house of the living God, be in this last hour as we obey the heart and the Word of the Lord.  He is setting His house in order.  It's time for His house and His Body to glorify Him in power and in authority, to demonstrate His presence in signs, wonders and miracles.  It's time for us to repent, to pray, and to seek Him with all our heart.  It's kingdom time!!  

     Let's begin to pray and call on the Spirit of the living God to come and rain down upon us, to rain down upon the Church with His grace and mercy, to come and touch us and open heaven's door, to stir the hearts of men, to revive us with His passion and bring revival to this land and to this generation. Come, Lord Jesus, Come!  "And the Spirit and the bride say, "Come!"

​Pray and worship with this intercessory song
for the Church by Kent Henry.

Spirit Touch Your Church