"You are altogether beautiful,
my darling.
And there is no blemish in you.

You have made my heart beat faster,
my sister my bride;
You have made my heart beat faster
With a single glance of your eyes."

(Song of Solomon 4:7,9)

     "This little church of Destiny that carries My heart and listens to My heartbeat is a tiny remnant and representation of My Bride.  I love watching them, and have often walked among them at times.  With their love and worship they've created an atmosphere for Me to rest in, a place that I can truly find rest and find hungry hearts at the same time.  They are beautiful to Me.  They don't have a spot on them.  Oh, I know they think they do, but that's because they're looking at themselves from the other side of the cross.  If they would just step through the cross, the way that I've made for them into My presence, into My bridal chamber, they would see themselves as I see them.

     "They are beautiful to me.  They are the joy of My desire.  They make My heart beat even faster as they step past the veil and into My chamber.  I can smell the fragrance of their prayers and their love for Me, and it's intoxicating to Me.  The fragrance and spices from their hearts are each different and unique to each other, but that's what excites My heart as they all mix together to make a sweet and intoxicating smell.

     "Tell them to keep lifting their worship and prayers of adoration to Me.  Tell them that when they do this that it fans the fire in My heart for them.  I love their worship and their prayers.  I love their attention and dependence on Me.  I want to be the One that they come to for all their needs.  I want to be the One that they praise and applaud when their needs are met and their prayers are answered.

     "Tell them to keep coming to Me and we will make beautiful music together.  I will always be there for them.  They are perfect and spotless and unblemished in My eyes."