The Total Surrender of Her Heart

"Come, my beloved,
Let us go forth to the field;
Let us lodge in the villages.
Let us get up early to the vineyards;
Let us see if the vine has budded,
Whether the grape blossoms are open,
And the pomegranates are in bloom.
There I will give you my love."

(Song of Solomon 7:11,12)

     "Here I heard My precious Bride of Destiny express her eagerness to totally surrender and commit her life and her love to Me again.  Her heart was so full of passion yet so humbled and submitted.  She was ready and willing to go anywhere I asked her. She had met the dark night of her soul when she discovered how weak and immature her love was, how incapable she was without Me and how desperately she needed Me.  Her total and fully yielded heart was all I was looking for.  Now she was ready to go to the fields and into the villages with Me, to touch lives and share My heart and the truth of My Word with the people.  She had emptied herself of her own self and was ready and eager to receive the new wine and oil of My new anointing that would empower her to go the full distance with Me.

     "My Bride of Destiny has surrendered with total abandonment of herself to Me, to follow Me even over the mountains of myrrh and suffering.  Her love and devotion even when immature at times has captivated My heart.  Even in her stumbling I have seen her willing obedience and persistent desire to know and understand Me, and it delights and excites Me.

     "I'm excited about our journey ahead together with all the experiences we'll get to share as one.  My Bride of Destiny has learned so much in our walks together and in all the intimate times we've shared.  We've coveted together to always set aside special and intimate time in our day for one another, to share our hearts and words of love and worship everyday even in the midst of the demands of the kingdom work at hand.  She knows I will always be there for her and that she can always depend on Me.  The intimate time she sets aside for Me in her day is a priceless treasure to Me and a time that neither one of us can do without."