In the Secret Place

"O, my dove, in the clefts of the rock,
In the secret places of the steep pathway,
Let me see your form,
Let me hear your voice;
For your voice is sweet, 
And your form is lovely."

(Song of Solomon 2:14)

     "It's in this secret place, this hidden place in the cleft of My side that I love to meet with My Bride of Destiny.  I love it when they steal away from the busyness of their day just to be with Me.  I love it when they come to our secret place, curl up in My arms and open their hearts to Me.  Sometimes I just throw a blanket of peace over them, and we just snuggle up together.  They've found a safe place there in the secret place, a place they can just be honest with their fears and needs.  And I love that.  Their dependence on Me stirs My heart.  It shows Me that they know they can't do without Me, that they really recognize their need for Me, and this fans the fire of My heart for them even more.

     "My Bride of Destiny is the passion of My heart.  Their voice and prayers are as sweet as honey to Me.  I know the ring and tone of each one of their voices.  Each one plays a special cord on My heart that causes My heart to vibrate with an intense desire for more, for more of their voice and more of their prayers.

     "Even their form is lovely to Me, the most beautiful image I can imagine.  You know they are created in My image, fashioned by My Father's hands and set apart just for Me.  I saw them and knew them even before they were in their mother's womb.  And I knew their days, every one of them, and the steps they would take to come to Me.  I've had so much in My heart for them to know, and now we are walking arm in arm together, and I'm getting to share My heart with them.  It's in these intimate times we share in the secret place that they truly open their heart to Me, they expose their inner most thoughts and feelings, and it's there that we really are able to touch hearts and hear the passion and sincerity of one another's love.  I love this place and those special and intimate times."