My Beloved's Worship Garden

          "A garden locked is my sister, my bride."
        (Song of Solomon 4:12)

                               The Lord said, "If I be lifted up I will draw all men to Me."
                     (John 12:32)

     In July 2001, the Lord placed deep in my heart and spirit a vision and a desire to see a place of His presence and His dwelling in the design of a worship garden, where He promised to come and manifest His presence and power.  The vision the Lord gave me was a worship garden built around the articles of furniture that were found in The Tabernacle, the place of meeting that God instructed Moses to build for Him while they were in the wilderness so that He could come and dwell among the people.  In this garden I saw a walkway, or pathway, in the shape of a cross that entwined through the garden and around these articles of furniture.  Each furniture piece spoke of Christ, and led you closer into the presence of God and into a more intimate worship and communion with Him.  

     In this hour God is calling us back to the heart of worship.  He's calling us back to make Him and being in His presence and knowing Him, truly knowing Him, the most important thing in our lives. God wants to cause a passion and hunger for Him to rise up in each one of us to such a degree that we cannot resist or run from Him any longer, but that we run TO Him with abandonment, and this garden is to encourage this divine passion. 

     My Beloved's Worship Garden, built in the Spirit, is a prophetic voice of the Lord to His Bride that will minister and disciple the people as they walk alongside Him through the garden and find rest, peace, and healing in His presence.  The heart of this worship garden is Christ loving His Bride and His Bride expressing the love she has for Him to the world. It is a picture of our journey with Him through the cross and into the knowledge of who we are in Christ, into the revelation of all that has been given to us through this union with Him.  It will be a place of His presence and anointing, away from the activity and busyness of even church ministry, a place of quiet solitude with the Lord, a place to pull away and hear His voice and seek His face.  It will be HIS garden, HIS place of romance and rest with His Bride.  It will be an impression of God's heart stamped upon our hearts and upon this metroplex as an outward symbol reminding us that He has placed His seal upon us as His Body and His Bride, a seal of love, favor, and blessings.  And it's my prayer that through this worship garden, the very thumbprint and heart print of God, that when people visit they will receive and experience revelation of the deep love of Christ in a new, more personal and intimate way, and that it will bring revelation and a release into their lives and into the Body of Christ as a whole. We are each a seed of God's very life and heart that He has planted in His garden to grow and reflect His glory, and His Holy Spirit says, "Bloom where you are planted."

     This worship garden, being an expression of Christ's heart, is a gift and physical expression of Jesus' love for His Bride, the Church, and through this garden Jesus wants to speak to us, to draw us away with Him, out of our busyness and into a place and time of intimate communion with Him. He wants to draw and woo us into His heart where He can reveal the deeper things of His heart in an intimate and personal way.  Jesus has a passionate love for us, and it was ultimately expressed through His death on the cross - a love so compelling and unrestrained that through it He gave His life that we might be free from sin and brought back into a right kingdom relationship with God, our heavenly Father, once again.  Jesus loves us and chose us as His own, giving His life for us and winning us back as His Bride and life-companion and partner for all eternity.  Christ is coming back again to receive us as His mature bride to rule and reign with Him through eternity, and as we take our position as the Bride of Christ we can come into this worship garden with an expectancy to receive fresh revelation of the truths of His Word and receive the intimate and passionate bridal love that He wants to pour out on us. 

     As you enter this worship garden see, with the eyes of the Spirit, the wall that surrounds it as a symbol of Christ's arms around you, protecting you, keeping, embracing and loving you.  Inside His arms and heart you are hidden, safe and separated from the distractions and defilement of the world. When you come into His embrace you are able to hear His voice and the words of love and encouragement that He wants to speak to you through the trials and challenges of your life.  Inside His embrace your heart becomes open and your spirit becomes sensitive to His gentle love and correction.  The depth of Christ's love is immeasurable, and as you sit quietly and open your heart and allow Him to come in and touch you and put His arms around you, you will begin to feel the outpouring of that love into your heart.  It brings healing, strength, and peace to the weary and troubled soul.  As you spend time in His embrace and begin to open your heart to receive, you will begin to feel that you are actually merging and being entwined into His very heart. You will begin to feel and hear His heartbeat.  Jesus wants to share a heart with you.  He wants your heart to become fused with His as one, and it's through this intimate and passionate love romance that He will teach you to trust Him through life's challenges.  You will learn to dance with Him upon the mountains, the obstacles and challenges of life.  Your trials and tests will take on new meaning, and they will simply become opportunities to dance with Jesus.

     So now as you move forward and enter in, Jesus is inviting you to take His hand and come with Him into His garden, His journey of life, to come confidently and joyfully, for the victory and the glory is ours through Him.  He will walk with you through the cross, teaching you His Word and His will that will be your guide and stepping stone through life.  He will feed you His bread, His manna, the life bread of His Word that will sustain you.  He will reveal His light and His love to you and repel the darkness, the despair and the hopelessness in your life.  He will show you the power of your prayers and intercession, that although they are as sweet incense to Him, they have the power to move mountains.  Jesus will show you His faithful mercy and lovingkindness, that His love for you is rich and unconditional, that He accepts you as you are, but in His wisdom, in His gracious and in His merciful love, He will not leave you as you are, but He will change you into who He has created you to be.  And ultimately He will take you into His bridal chamber and romance you.  He will love you as you have never been loved before.  You will learn what LOVE truly is, and how to love Him back as He deserves.  You will learn to love others as He loves them, and you will come to know Him as "Husband" and no longer as "Master".

     So as you say "Yes" to God and follow Him into His garden of life expect change to happen in your life and in your heart.  Change can be uncomfortable at times through the process and transition of life, but it's always for your good and best interest.  So allow God to make changes.  Allow Him to lead and guide you through the cross, through His Word and His will, and into the place of intimacy and ultimate joy and satisfaction.  Although it will challenge you and stretch you, you will never regret it. It's what you were created for.  You were created for worship and communion and for an intimate love relationship with your eternal Bridegroom.

     And now the Spirit of Christ invites you to come with Him this day into this garden of His heart, this hidden place of His love, to walk with Him, to take His hand and to lay your head upon His chest and learn to listen and feel His heart, to journey with Him into uncovering and discovering new revelation and levels of the hidden treasures of His heart.  Allow yourself to just sit with Jesus, releasing your heart totally to Him, opening your heart and spirit, and receive all the life and love that's flowing down from the throne room into the heart of His beloved bride.  Enter into the garden taking your position as the Bride of Christ, saying, "Yes" to this bridal partnership, and begin to receive all that is yours through this kingdom relationship and royal inheritance that He has made possible for you through His blood and through the cross.  And know that this journey in the garden will not be a one-time experience but a life long journey of a life hidden in Christ and empowered by His love.

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