Song of Solomon
    My Beloved's
Worship Garden
Pray and worship with this song
and cry to "know Him" by 
Alberto & Kimberly Rivera

                       "My Prayer"
            Album: The Father Sings

   Her Love Song

His Passionate Prayer

The Heart of the Bride of Christ
His Church and Eternal Bridal Partner

     The heart of the bride of our Lord Jesus Christ is devoted and passionate for her King. She stands in her covenant with Him and is set on knowing and pleasing her Bridegroom in every way.  Her desire is to reflect His love to the world, to be His expressed reflection and mirrored image to the world she lives in.  She seeks to know Him, to know more about Him everyday, to know His mind and His heart.  And because she is His helpmate and life partner, she desires more than anything to share in His dreams and to see the desire of His heart come into manifestation.  And because of the longing of His heart, because she is passionate just be BE with Him, to be in His presence, to be near Him and hear His heartbeat, to know and share in the burdens that grieve His heart, she makes their intimate and personal time together her daily priority.  This time is time she guards with her life, because she knows that everyday duties and responsibilities will easily crowd it out if she doesn't.  This time is precious to her, and before setting her day in motion, she meets with her precious Bridegroom, expresses her love and appreciation for Him, fills her heart with His love and passion for her, and then listens to find out what's on His heart and mind so that she can know how to partner with Him for that day in prayer and in service in order to help Him advance and manage the Kingdom and the House.
     Together they are a team. Together they are full of power to effect and to bring change and order into the Kingdom here on earth.  The more the bride knows His heart and the more time she spends with Him, the more she has His mind, thinks like Him, and the more effective she is as His voice to express His heart to the world and to birth His will and purpose into the earth.
     The bride's heart longs to be free from any hindrance or obstacle that keeps her from giving her whole heart, her time and attention to her Bridegroom.  She longs to be able to devote all that she is and all that she has to just BE with Him and to do for Him.  Her heart is to serve Him, to be His hands and feet, His arms and legs, His eyes and ears, His mouthpiece and voice.  Her heart is to walk so united as one with Him that her life is literally lived out of Him, out of His very life within her.  She knows that the cross was and still is the avenue to keep the influence and temptation of the world (the kingdom of darkness) from polluting her life and her motives, and she embraces the cross daily, showers and washes herself in the precious blood that her Bridegroom shed for her. She cherishes and honors the depth of sacrifice He made for her and knows that it reflects and demonstrates a level of passion and love for her and for the world that only this total giving and surrendering of His life could express.
     The heart of the bride carries the hearts and needs of the people in the Kingdom to the One that she knows can make a difference, the One that can bring change in their lives, the One that cares and has the love, compassion and power to do miracles and turn things around for them.  She recognizes that it's only by His grace that she is not entangled in the bondage that many are in at this time, and she carries in her heart that identification with them that draws the compassion out of the very depths of her heart for them.  The bride knows and recognizes her favored position in the Kingdom and takes her opportunities with her Bridegroom to share the burdens of her heart, the burdens that are the needs and bondage of the people.
     The heart of the bride knows the potential within each individual in the Kingdom and longs to see them free and walking in their inheritance that she knows belongs to them. She is an encourager and encourages and draws them to the place, the foot of the cross, where she knows they will find the forgiveness and cleansing, the love and empowering to bring them out of the bondage and into their inheritance, into their purpose and destiny. She has faith in them and in the love of her Bridegroom. And because of the passionate heart of the bride for her Bridegroom, because He knows her heart and trusts her, she's found favor with Him and has the confidence and assurance of victory for them.  Her Bridegroom sees her sincerity and pureness of heart and is quick to answer her and move on her behalf for them.  He desires to show Himself as her Conqueror, her Deliverer, her Provider and whoever she's call and needs Him to be at that time in order to be there for her and to meet her every need.
     The bride's heart is huge and full of Jesus, full of His love, compassion and grace. She is able to manage the Kingdom responsibilities He's given her and still make intimate time with her Bridegroom, for she knows He is her strength, her source and her everything.
     Above all, the heart of this bride of Christ knows the desire and the heart of her Bridegroom for a house that's made with hearts, a house that He can rest and dwell in, a place for Him to rest and just BE with her and the people of His heart, a place that is harmonious and full of unity and cooperation, a place that He knows He can always feel safe and welcomed with His heart, and she sets her heart and service to create and provide this atmosphere for Him, to make it her life's work, for she is His helpmate and life partner. She gives all that she is to please and to serve Him.

The Proverbs 32 woman IS His bride, His helpmate and His eternal life partner.