That Unforgettable Day

"May he kiss me with the 
kisses of his mouth!
For your love is better than wine.

Draw me after you and let us
run together!
The king has brought me into
his chambers.

I am dark but lovely."

(Song of Solomon 1: 2,4,5)

     "I remember that day so clearly.  It was the happiest day of My life.  It was the day that My Bride invited Me into her heart, the very day and moment she gave her heart and life to me.  She knew she needed Me, that she was dark of heart.  But she knew that when she was in the pit of despair My love lifted her out and showed her that even in her darkness she was lovely to Me.  It was a new beginning, a beginning of a precious love relationship that would never end, but would last for eternity.

     "My precious Bride of Destiny, composed of each heart and soul that I've drawn to this little church, entered into My chambers at their own appointed time.  Most of them entered with hearts that had been damaged, hurt, broken and hardened, or were just lonely and needy. They came looking for love, looking for healing, looking for significance.  And at first they came in and just observed, watching cautiously and with guarded hearts.  But over time each one of them began to trust and surrender more and more of their heart to Me, letting Me into places that they had never let anyone into before.  They began to uncover themselves and strip themselves of the protective layers and guards that they had built up around their hearts.  They began to let me see into the dark and painful places in their past.  They began to let Me touch them and heal them.  Then they began to ask Me to draw them away and bring them into the intimate places of My heart.  I loved hearing that, because it's always been My desire to share those things with them even more than it's been their desire to hear them.

     It's been a beautiful thing, an intimate time, a sweet and precious union of our hearts.  I will never forget that day.  It's one that I will cherish and hold as a treasure in all the days of eternity."