"The Spirit of a Destroyer "

    "Thus says the Lord, 'Behold, I am going to arouse against Babylon (and those that rebel against Me) the spirit of a destroyer."  (Jer 51:1)

     In the midst of this world and worldly spirit there is being aroused a "spirit of a destroyer", a spirit that is dressed in the passion of Christ, in Christ that is in a passionate pursuit of a bride that is infused and inflamed with focus and a determination to see and know her bridegroom, the lover of her soul.  There is a spirit arousing from this bride that will no longer be distracted and tempted by the things of this world, by the lusts of her flesh or by the pride of life and her person, but she has laid them all down to run in passionate pursuit for the One that will satisfy and fulfill that void, that hole, that emptiness that she has been trying to fill with so many other things and passions.  This spirit of an impassioned bride will be the spirit of a destroyer that buckles and shatters nations, that destroys kingdoms.

     "You are My war club, My weapon of war, and with you I will shatter nations, and with you I will destroy kingdoms."  (Jer 51:20)

     This impassioned bride that has set her heart and focus on knowing and seeing her bridegroom has come into a fresh revelation and understanding of what her bridegroom has accomplished for her, the power and authority that He has given her over her enemies.  She has stepped into a new place in her relationship with Him and it's released her from the entanglements of old relationships and past idols that had stolen her attention and her love for her bridegroom.  Her new focus and steps of passionate pursuit to see and know Him have freed her from their entanglement, and now she is burning with a new resolve to seek and know Him with her whole heart.

      The spirit of  Babylon, the spirit of this world, is crumbling before her.  Its structure and infrastructure is breaking down and crumbling right before her eyes, for this "spirit of a destroyer" is not a warring spirit as of old, but it's an impassioned spirit of focused love on the One that has already received the victory, and that has already destroyed and conquered at Calvary.