The Spirit of the Lord had been speaking this to me for some time:

"It's not by might nor by power but by My Spirit, says the Lord. (Zech 4:6)

He was saying to me, "Go in and possess the land.  Take back what's been stolen from Me!  Pursue, overtake and recover all!
I asked the Lord, "Lord, should I pursue and overtake these troops? (the spirit of this world, the spirit of idolatry and its storehouse?)
The Lord said, "Pursue, Surely you will overtake them and without fail you will recover all."  (1 Sam 30:8)
The Lord said, "Begin to call in the wealth of the wicked for I am beginning a transference of wealth from the wicked to the righteous."

A Revelation Revealed

     One Sunday night during our worship service our worship leader was ministering in song, and one of the songs he led us in went something like this: "Lord, I don't know what You are doing to me.....but all I want to do is worship You...all I want to say is praises to Your name.....and all I want to know is the power of the Holy Ghost."  This whole song really ministered to me but this last part, "all I want to know is the power of the Holy Ghost" really grabbed my spirit, and I began to pray that prayer earnestly throughout the night and throughout the rest of the week.  When I got home that night from service I began to search the Word for scriptures on the Holy Spirit and on the Holy Ghost, and prayed much in the Holy Ghost throughout the week.  But Monday morning as I searched the Word and the heart of the Lord with a deep desire to know the power of the Holy Spirit, the Lord led me to read John 16:5-15, "The Holy Spirit Promised" and through these last few verses the Lord spoke clearly to me.

     "But when the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all the truth; for He will not speak on His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and He will disclose to you what is to come.
     "He shall glorify Me for He shall take of Mine, and shall disclose it to you. ("the lottery is Mine", the Lord quickly said to me..................this stopped me in my tracks.)
     "All things that the Father has are Mine, therefore I said, that He takes of Mine, and will disclose it to you."

     With this Word and revelation I continued to pray in the Holy Spirit through the week.  Then Saturday morning the Lord woke me with this scripture and these words ringing in my spirit and began saying to me:

     "The lottery is Mine.  All things that the Father has are Mine.  There are many things that are in this world that originated in My mind first, that were created by Me and for Me for My good pleasure.  They were originally designed and created as tools to supply and provide and bless My people, but the spirit of this world has stolen them from Me.  Because of the uncircumcised heart of My people, hearts that were not circumcised, sanctified, holy and set apart and devoted to Me, they lacked discernment, wisdom and strength, and the spirit of this world came in and stole this vehicle of My supply and blessing, exploiting the poor, and using it to feed its own idolatry, materialistic and greedy nature.
     "But I am calling you out, to go forth and take back that which has been stolen from Me.  I am calling you out, to go forth and recover this vehicle of My blessing, to take ownership of it again, to sanctify it and set it apart as holy, for it is a part of My end time strategy of a transference of wealth from the wicked to the righteous and the just.
     "I am calling you out, to separate yourself, to consecrate yourself and circumcise your heart, for I am looking for a holy people.  I am looking for a people that I can call My own, that I can trust with My treasures, with the treasures of My wealth and My wisdom.
     "I am calling you out this day, to come out from among them and to be separate, for I have placed My Holy Spirit within you, and My Holy Spirit will take what is Mine and will disclose it to you.  He will lead you, and He will guide you, and He will tell you what is to come, and He will glorify Me as you receive from Him and act on the revealing and revelation of My Words.

                                                             We Consecrate Ourselves

A Holy Altar

      In the weeks that followed, in one evening service during a precious time of worship, Pastor called us forward to gather at the altar and pray for a cleansing and sanctifying and setting apart of the altar as well as the altars in our lives to be holy unto the Lord, cleansing the old altars and purifying this new altar as one that is holy and set apart for the Lord, restoring holiness in our lives and our church.  It was one of those defining moments - a setting apart and sanctifying of the house of the Lord, the house of Destiny.  You could feel the weight of His holiness and the heavy presence of the anointing.

     At the end of service, I knelt at the altar, placing my tithe on this new "cleansed and holy altar", and I heard the Lord say,  "This is a holy place, and I am doing a holy thing.  This altar is holy.  Just like I take a person out of the world and circumcise their heart and set them apart for My work and My glory, so I desire to do this with many things from the world, things that were originally created by Me and for Me for My good pleasure.  As you bring those things that I reveal to you to this altar and consecrate them to Me, they will be sanctified as holy for the Kingdom.  They will become vehicles and avenues of My blessing, platforms for you to share and preach the truth of My Word from.  This night I have covered you and made you holy just as I am holy.  I have set you apart for My glory, as My light and trophy of blessing to show the world that My hand and My heart will be with you continually.  This is a night that is holy, for you have surrendered and set yourself apart for Me, but it is a night that I  have ordained from the beginning of time, for it has always been My will and My destiny for you to  be consecrated, sanctified and separated unto Me.  I love your yieldedness.  Now you will see and enter the Promised Land just as I have promised."

A Mystery Revealed

Soon afterwards the Lord quickened the following Word to me:

    "For it was the Father's good pleasure for all the fullness (completeness, holiness, purity of purpose) to dwell in Him, and through Him to reconcile (bring back, settle, make compatible and make acceptable) all things (including the lottery) to Himself, having made peace through the blood of His cross (having disarmed the strongholds, mindsets and attitudes); through Him, I say, whether things on earth or things in heaven."  (Col 1:19,20)
     "Of this church I was made a minister according to the stewardship from God bestowed upon me for your benefit, that I might fully carry out the preaching of the word of God, the mystery which has been hidden from the past ages and generations; but has not been manifested in His saints, to whom God willed to make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory."  (Col 1:26,27)

     The Lord began to show me through His Word and through revelation that God had allowed the lottery, which had been created by Him and for Him for His good pleasure, to be stolen, used and abused by the spirit of this world for His greater purpose in the Kingdom for this last hour.  The spirit of this world thought it had the upper hand and had the multitudes wrapped up in its idolatry, materialism and greed and distracted from a life of holiness and knowing who they were in Christ and what had been purchased and accomplished for them on the cross.  But God, in His great wisdom, allowed the set up, allowing the world its bait of distraction, knowing all along that the condition of their heart, their misplaced priorities, and their spiritual hunger that would then reveal the void in them that only God could fill.  While the world was setting up the framework and structure of its mass communication system, God was preparing the Church for the great harvest, allowing the Church to go through the purging of the wilderness, tearing down the dividing walls and uniting them together, testing their hearts to see if we would obey Him, love Him and truly seek Him with our whole heart even in the difficult and lean times.

     Then, in God's great wisdom at this appointed time, He reveals the mystery of the truth of His strategy for His end time transference of wealth, at the same time releasing His Spirit that empowers us and ignites us to receive and take hold of the revelation of who we are in Christ, taking the position of authority that is ours in Christ, taking back those things from the world that belong to Him and to us in Christ, and then begin to use them as evangelistic tools and platforms to bring in the harvest and release the abundant provision, inheritance and plunder that is ours in Christ Jesus.

     It was a set up!  Now we are the army and benefactors of His plan, a people that has been purged, purified and strengthened through the tests and trials, a people that has had its mind renewed and reshaped by the Word of God and its spirit empowered, united and woven together, and now a people that will be ready and equipped to receive and mentor the massive harvest that God has ordained and planned for this last hour.

     It's Christ in us, the hope of glory, that shall rise up and take possession of the land, that shall rise up in our authority in the Spirit and take possession of the things stolen from Him and turn them around for His glory and for their divine purpose in the Kingdom.  It's Christ in us, the hope of glory, that will fulfill our purpose and calling in this last hour, bringing glory to God through the redemptive grace of His Son and the power of the Holy Spirit.  Hallelujah!

"Taking Ownership"

     I am on a mission, Lord, to take ownership of this storehouse that we call the lottery, and channel its resources into the Kingdom of God for the manifestation of God's Word and will in this last hour, His plan of transferring the wealth from the wicked to the righteous.  I am on a mission to retrieve and release these finances from the world's system and put them back into the Kingdom of God to destroy debt and release finances into the Body and Bride of Christ.  I'm rising up in who I am in Christ, taking my position in Christ and taking ownership of what is His and ours as His Body in Christ Jesus.  I'm taking possession of our inheritance that's been predestined for us for a good work that He's prepared beforehand that we should walk in, and I'm releasing it into the Kingdom of God for His glory and honor.

     Lord, years ago You told me to "take ownership of the lottery". You were speaking to me as Your Body and Bride. Now I'm beginning to understand what You meant and why.  Why?  Because it is Yours (all things were created by You and for You for Your good pleasure. Col 1:16).  But I see now that if it belongs to You, then it also belongs to us, because all things that are Yours is ours, because we are married to You, and because You are our husband (Jer. 3:14), and through this marriage we've entered a covenant.  And in this covenant it means that everything that is ours is Yours and everything that is Yours is ours.  So, if the lottery is Yours then it is also ours, and if it's ours then it's also the Church's, because we are part of the Church, and the Church is Your Bride and shares in this covenant as well. And if it belongs to the Church then the Church should be praying for it and praying over it as a good steward, praying and channeling it's resources back into its family as part of Your heavenly blessing upon them.

     What You're showing me through this is the need for the Church to open up to receive this revelation of what belongs to them, to take ownership of it and receive its responsibility of stewardship over it through prayer.  In the past the concept of the lottery has been, in a sense, rejected by the Church and not blessed or recognized as a blessed thing, and the spirit of this world has used it against the Church to distract the people from seeking and depending on God and seeking a life of holiness, but now, Lord, You're doing a new thing and releasing revelation of those things that are Yours and that belong to the Kingdom and that You want us to take back from the hands of the spirit of this world and transfer back into the hands of Your people.

     So Lord, You've given me an assignment.  You've told me that You were going to "send me on a debt-destroying mission, to destroy debt and release finances in the Body and Bride of Christ, that You wanted her free from debt and glorifying You in her giving and generosity", and, Lord, I know that where You guide You provide.  You've guided me down this path, led me by Your Holy Spirit, and now You've shown me Your will for this provision to set this mission in motion.  So, Lord, by faith I receive it and do my part to take action towards this mission and provision. By the authority You've given me in the name of Jesus, I take hold of this storehouse of the lottery, that wealth of the wicked that's been laid up for the righteous and the just, and I pull that wealth out of the kingdom of darkness, placing it back into the Kingdom of God.   I release those finances and that wealth into the hands of the givers and the tithers, those that have Kingdom hearts and Kingdom vision, and those that are good stewards of Your blessings.  I pull that wealth out of the control of the spirit of this world and put it back into the control and the stewardship of those people that You have chosen and prepared for this end time outpouring and blessing.  Lord, move in their hearts and begin to bless them and cause them to receive revelation of this mission and ministry to bless someone out of debt.  Let them know that they are blessed to be a blessing.  Let them know that You and we have a great work to do in these last hours and it's going to take great faith and great generosity. And Lord, let them take the staff of authority that You've given them through Your redemptive work in Christ and use that staff of authority to bring deliverance, taking them and others into their promised land.  And I pray all this in Jesus name.  Amen

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