You may be someone that God has richly blessed financially and it's in your heart to give and bless others.  Or you may be one of several people that together would like to make a significant donation to your church to set this vision and mission in motion, and together, as "a task force", develop a financial mentorship within its body.  If this is your situation and it is in your heart to touch and bless a whole congregation out of debt of even to just begin with a ministry group within the church, then the following steps might help guide you into how to do that.  Certainly there are many other approaches, but these may help to get things started.

Suggested Steps
Blessing a Whole Congregation or Ministry Group

1.   Share your heart and this vision with the pastor of the church you want to bless.

2.  Strategize together with him how you both want to do this so as to make both parties feel safe, that all transaction and personal information would be held in strict confidentiality.

3.  Determine if you want to reach out to the whole congregation or to just ministry groups (example: staff only, ministry leaders only, worship team only, etc.), and if you want to dissolve all their debt (credit cards, loans, home loan) or just credit cards and loans

4.  Design a letter and a form to give to those you want to reach and bless. 
      (click for sample form ).

5.  In the letter just share your heart - no strings attached to the blessing.  You're just being a conduit of God's grace and blessing into their lives, His instrument to set this ministry of blessing and giving in motion.  You're simply exercising the gift of giving that God has given you and manifesting in the natural what Jesus has already accomplished on the cross.

6.  Determine how you want to disperse the checks to them and include this in letter with clear instructions.

7.  Include a copy of "Five Kingdom Principles to Financial Freedom & Blessing - God's Wayexplaining the scriptural mentoring that will go along with this blessing and try to set up a time to teach and mentor them through these steps.

8.  Encourage them to duplicate this with another person as the Lord guides and provides by freeing up finances in their own lives.

Steps to Bless A Congregation or Ministry Group