Who Jesus Is
             Expressed Through
     The Articles of the Tabernacle

     On the inside of the cross, or this walkway of this garden, are six small gazebos that each house a piece of furniture that was found in the Tabernacle which was the sanctuary of worship that God instructed Moses to build while they were in the wilderness that He "may dwell among them". (Ex 25:8) It was God's first instruction of corporate worship. 
In each gazebo and along with each article of furniture is an inscription of its function, its purpose and how it relates to Christ. There is also a bench to sit on while you pray and mediate there. 

     The Tabernacle was broken into three parts:  1) The Outer Court that contained the brazen altar of sacrifice, and the laver, the place of washing and cleansing, 2)The Holy Place that contained the showbreadcandlestick and table of incense, and 3) The Holy of Holies, the place where God's presence was that contained the ark of the covenant which was the very presence of God, and the mercy seat that sat upon the ark of the covenant.  This Holy of Holies, containing the mercy seat, was the place where God told Moses that He would speak to the people. (Ex 25:22) 
     Each one of these furniture pieces reflects and speaks of Christ, who He is and what He did, and what He is still doing for us today.  They reflect the redemptive plan of God as shown in the Old Testament that pointed to and was a foreshadowing of Jesus.  Everything in and about the Tabernacle pointed to Christ, and it shows us that God was pointing His people to Jesus even back then and all the way through the Old Testament.  It's a progression of our personal worship. As we come into the garden and take time at each station to reflect, pray and meditate on each article, the Holy Spirit will use them to speak to you about the Christ in you, taking you through each piece, imparting it into your spirit, and revealing a deeper revelation of Christ.  
Let's begin our walk together.

                                The Outer Court 

          Our first step towards God, our first step out of the world and 
                      into a life consecrated and set apart for Him.

The Brazen Alter     

     As you take the pathway of the cross, the Spirit of the Lord will take you first to the Brazen Altar, the place of our sacrifice and surrender, the place of laying down your life and receiving His.  It's a place of new beginning.  The old sinful life is laid on the altar and is crucified, and a new life of Christ is taken up.  It's a place of repentance, a place of acknowledging the sin in your life and choosing to turn from it and live for God.  It's a place of surrender and dying to self, dying to selfish ambitions and selfish ways.  It's a place of choosing to become part of the Kingdom of God and letting your life be His to use for His Kingdom purpose.  Jesus WAS the brazen alter.  He WAS the sacrifice for us. He WAS the sacrificial lamb that shed it's blood for the remission of our sins.  We are to follow His example as we lay our lives down for others, to be living sacrifices through crucified and consecrated lives devoted to Christ and committed to prayer and intercession for the salvation of their souls.  We should learn to come to this altar every day to confess our sins to God, to commit our life as a "living sacrifice" to Him, and to give Christ complete control of the altar in our life so that we may manifest a fruitful life of service for Him.

    Lord Jesus, I surrender to You. I lay my life down on this altar asking for and receiving forgiveness for my sins. I desire to live a life that is holy and pleasing to You Jesus, crucified to the world and separated from it's immoral and selfish ways. I present my life to You as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to You, that I would not be conformed to this world but that I would be transformed by the renewing of my mind so that I would know, not only Your good and acceptable will, but that I would know Your divine, predestined and perfect will for my life.
  Take my life, Jesus, and my heart into Your hands now. Set me on the potter's wheel and mold me and shape me into Your image. Make me into that person that You've created me to be, that person that will glorify You, that will be Your instrument of love and grace to a dying world, a vessel of honor to Your name. Mold and shape my heart to be like Yours, filled with Your Spirit and Your compassion, a heart that finds its motivation in bringing the lost back to the Father's heart.  
  Here I am, Jesus. Take my life and make it brand new, wash me in Your blood and cleanse me from all sin, fill me with Your Spirit and Your resurrecting power and set my course straight on this new beginning and into my divine destiny in You. Amen

(Gal 6:14; Rom 12:1,2; Jer 18:4; 2 Tim 2:20,21; 2 Cor 5:17)

The Laver

     As you rise up from this place of new beginning the Spirit leads you to The Laver, the bowl of cleansing.  It's our place of washing and cleansing by the Word, our place of sanctification and being set apart for God.  In your new beginning you will have a new regenerated spirit, but you will have a mind that still needs to be renewed.  By the washing of the Word, reading and meditating on it, our minds become transformed and renewed, and we begin to become conformed to His image.  Our actions begin to change as our minds are renewed and changed, and we begin to think as Christ would think.  We begin to truly have "the mind of Christ".  The Word is like a seed that when planted and watered, it germinates and begins to grow and produce what was inside the seed.  As you feed on the Word, planting it in your spirit, it will grow and produce in your life the very essence of that Word that was planted.  
This place of the laver and the washing of our minds with the Word is something we need to do daily. The change in our lives will take place to the degree of our commitment to reading, meditating and praying His word and letting it take its place in our life decreeing it into our circumstances.  The Word is alive, active and powerful, and God uses His Word to create, to speak to us and to reveal His will and purpose to us in our lives.

     Lord Jesus, I thank You for the cleansing of the blood that You shed and that was poured out for me, for this new beginning for me, and for Your mercy, Your grace and Your unconditional love. Thank You for this place that You are cleansing and renewing my mind with by Your Word. Thank You that You have given me Your Word so that I might know Your will, Your purpose and Your divine plan for my life, but mostly that I would have Your mind, thoughts and wisdom in ordere that I would be able to live a life that is blessed, prospering and pleasing to You.
    I receive Your Word, Lord, that is alive and active and sharper than any two edged sword, that has the ability and power to pierce and divide my soul from my spirit, and that will judge and expose to me the very thoughts and intentions of my heart. I receive Your Word as Your flashlight into the dark places of my heart to show me thoughts and attitudes that are not pleasing to You and that are detrimental and self-defeating to my destiny and Your purpose in me.
     I commit to daily wash and renew my mind with Your Word, Jesus so that I might truly have the mind of Christ. Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path, and I trust as I daily seek You through Your Word, that You will lead and guide me and keep me on this path of my destiny and of Your perfect will, and that I will not fall away or lose my focus. Help me, Lord Jesus, to keep this commitment and this hunger for Your Word. As I walk with You in Your Word and through my life's journey, I pray that You would increase this hunger and passion to know You and experience You in every situation, and that You would teach me the glory of Your increase as I decrease. Amen

(Rom 12:1,2; Josh 1:8; Heb 4:12; Ps119:105; Ps 42:1,2; Ps 63: 1-4; Jn 3:30)

                                               The Holy Place
                                      Our first step into intimacy, into knowing who He is 
                                                      and who we can be through Him.

                                                               The Candlestick

     As you leave the laver where your mind is being renewed you will come to a place of knowing Christ for who He is.  You will find that Jesus is The Candlestick, He IS "the light of the world", the light that illuminates your path, that shows you the way through your journey. He illuminates your way, giving you faith and confidence for every step.  As you embrace Him and spend time with Him, His light inside of you will shine forth and bring others to Him as they are drawn to this light from their darkness.  The light of Christ IN you will dispel darkness and cause it to flee.  God's love never fails, and as you continue to draw from the anointing of Jesus, the light of His truth in you will be a beacon to show others the way out of their troubles and darkness, and you will be a reflector of Christ's light to a lost and dying world.

    Lord Jesus, I thank You that You are the candlestick in my life, the very light of the world that shines in and through me. I thank You that You are the light in my darkness, You are where I go when I am lost and lonely, You are the One that brings new light and hope into the hopeless situations and circumstances, You have the answer when I have a question. I thank You, Jesus, that when I lift my head and my eyes up to You that You fill me with Your light and even change my countenanceYou. You are the lifter of my head, the strength in my weakness, the hope in my hopelessness, the joy in my despair. You are the One that gives m beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for mourning. You are the One that turns my mourning into dancing and dances with me on the mountaintops and through the valleys of my challenges and trials. You, Lord Jesus, are all that I need. You are my sufficiency, and I love You and embrace You for who You are and for all that You've done for me and are doing in me.
    Help me, Jesus to be a candlestick and a light to this world. Help me to shine Your love and grace to others that are in darkness and that need to find their way out. Help me, Jesus, to reflect Your light through my life even through the hard times and through a life that's hidden IN You. Amen

(Matt 5:14; Ps 121:1; Ps 3:3; Num 6:26; Ps 30:11; 2 Cor 12:9)

​                                                                   The Showbread

     In this new place you'll find that Jesus is The Showbread.  He IS "the bread of life".  Anyone that eats of Him "will never perish but will have eternal life".  Our physical body needs food to live and be strong, but our spirit, who is the REAL part of us, needs food also to be strong and to grow.  This food or bread is Jesus.  He is the living Word, and as we partake of Him daily through the Word of God, He gives us life and strength, divine health and power.  Today many are spiritually starving because they have not eaten the bread of life. They have not partaken of the food that will nourish their soul and spirit and strength them for the journey.  We need the Bread of Life not just for ourselves but also for our friends that are needy, for those who come to us on their journey, so that we may be able to give them food and nourishment for their weakness and encourage them to press on into the victory that is theirs already in Christ.

    Jesus, You are the showbread, "the bread of life", and the very essence of my life. Your Word is my bread, my food and my strength. It's what feeds my spirit man and strengthens him to live a healthy, strong and fruitful life. 
    I thank You for Your Word, Jesus, for Your bread and Your manna that You give me daily to walk this journey with You. I thank You that You give me fresh manna for my day. I thank You that You are teaching me not to live my days on old manna but to receive fresh made bread and manna from You daily by spending time in Your Word. I thank You that my daily portion feeds me, strengthens me and recharges my battery that keeps the light shining on my path. I thank You, Lord, that as I eat from Your Word, the bread of my life, that Your Word is planted in me like a seed, and that as I water it through my prayers and meditation, that it begins to germinate and grow, and that it actually begins to produce and manifest the very nature of that Word within me. And I thank You, Lord, that my daily feeding upon Your Word begins to produce Your very life and nature in me, and my life then begins to transform right before everyone's very eyes.
    Thank You, Lord Jesus, for this gift of Your Word. Thank You for being my Showbread, my bread of life. Help me to always find my satisfaction and fulfillment in You alone. Amen

(Jn 6:35; Prov 4:22; Deut 8:3; Matt 4:4, Luke 8:11)

​                                                               The Altar of Incense

     As you continue on to pursue Christ and commune with Him, you will find that your communion and prayers are as "sweet incense" to Him going up to His throne of grace.  
The Altar of Incense is symbolic of the prayers of the saints.  It represents the prayers of intercession that Jesus makes for you, as well as your prayers sent up to Him for others. Know that every prayer, every act of communion with Christ is precious and valuable to Him.  He treasures your prayers and longs to hear your voice lifted up to Him.  Your voice is lovely to Him.  It stirs His heart when you pray. Remember that you are His Bride, His precious one, His dove, and His delight, the apple of His eye, His pearl of great price. One look from your eyes ravishes His heart.  You captivate Him when you speak and proclaim your love to Him.  Your prayers are sent up as sweet incense and worship to Him, and He cherishes your communion and your prayers.

     Jesus, I thank You that my prayers and worship are as sweet incense going up to Your throne and up through Your nostrils. I thank You that You hold them as precious and dear to Your heart and that my praise and worship to You makes You smile and fills Your heart with joy. I thank You, Lord, that You find Your delight in listening to me and hearing my voice, and that You never tire from my dependence and need for You. I thank You, Lord, that as my prayers go up to You that You, too, are praying on my behalf to the Father, that You are making intercession for me.
    Jesus, I thank You that You and the Father find pleasure in my worship and prayers, for You said that the Father is looking for worshipers, those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. Lord, let my worship be in the purity of truth and in the passion of the Spirit. So many times I find that I cannot even express in human words what my heart is feeling for You, Jesus. So I pray that my spirit is able to communicate to You the depth of this love and appreciation I have for You. I thank You, Lord, for the gift of the Holy Spirit, for His ability to make communication and make intercession together with You for me and for the saints according to Your perfect will when I don't even know how or what to pray. I pray, Lord, that You would let my prayers and intercession turn into worship and praise as I draw upon You and the precious anointing of Your Holy Spirit. Amen

(Rev 5:8; Heb 7:25; Jn 4:24; Rom 8:26,27)

The Holy of Holies

Our first step into God's very presence, past the veil and shield that has kept
us from really knowing Him intimately and personally.

The Mercy Seat​

     "Come boldly to the throne of grace to receive mercy and to obtain grace in your time of need."  The veil has been rent and now we have free access into the very presence of God. He is waiting for you to come boldly and confidently to Him with your petitions, your needs and your intercession.  He is a God of mercy, a God full of grace and lovingkindness, and He desires that we be people of compassion and mercy, a people that will identify with the hurting and oppressed people of this world, a people that will take our place of intercession and cry out to Him for mercy on their behalf that He might move and reveal Himself mightily in our lives.  God desires us to be co-laborers with Him as intercessors and people of love and compassion. Jesus is The Mercy Seat.  He is the One full of compassion and great mercy. He draws us into His throne room of mercy, and through our prayers He brings a breaking, a repentance, a restoration and a redemption to the peoples and the nations.  Jesus is waiting for you to come and co-labor with Him, to be his instrument of love and mercy and healing to the world.

     I thank You, Jesus, that this place, the mercy seat, represents the very place of Your holy presence, the very place You have chosen to speak to me and to Your people. I thank You that this is where I always want to be and to stay - in Your presence. I thank You that it's in Your presence that I will find fullness of joy and life. It's in Your presence that peace will abound and I am protected, safe and secure from my enemies and the harshness of the world.
     I thank You, Lord, that You are the God of mercy and compassion, of tenderness and lovingkindness. I thank You that Your life IN me enables me to love and identify with the needs of others, and that You are teaching me about prayer and intercession, that prayer is earth's invitation to heaven's intervention. I thank You that You are teaching me that as I pray, You respond, and together we co-labor to bring heaven down to earth. Thank You, Lord, for the gift and privilege of compassionate prayer, for the privilege to partner with You in changing lives and changing this world. Help me to see and respond to the needs of others through prayer and intercession. Help me to carry their needs to Your heart and Your heart to their needs. Give me a compassionate heart full of love and mercy with hands that can reach out, touch and heal the hurting, the suffering, the sick and the poor. Give me a heart like Yours, Jesus. Let me be like You. Amen

(Ex 25:22; Ps 16:11; Ps 91, Ps 103:8; Matt 15:32; Matt 18:33; Matt 6:6-15)

                                                    The Bridal Chamber

After the Lord has brought you through the pathway of the cross and has taken you through each article of the Tabernacle furniture showing you who He is and what He has done for you, He takes your hand and leads you into the little prayer chapel at the end of the garden, past the mercy seat, past the very presence of His holiness and into The Bridal Chamber, the place of His intimate romance.  Here the Lord begins to reveal to you the intimacy and passion of His love.  Here you are free and safe to share the deep passions of your heart with Him as well, to express your love and devotion that cannot be expressed even in human words.  Here you take on your purpose and destiny as His Bride, His eternal partner and helpmate to reveal and release His kingdom and His will purpose on the earth. Here He will share His secrets with you. Together you will bring His kingdom of heaven down into the earth. The Bridal Chamber, this little prayer chapel tucked away in an intimate corner of His Beloved's Worship Garden represents the place Jesus longs to meet with you, the place of intimacy/ It's the Secret Place.

     O Lord, this is the place of Your intimacy, the place right in the center of Your heart that's been reserved just for me. This is the place that I've longed for, the place of intimate communion with You, but more than that, it's the place that You've longed for. You've longed to share Your heart with me, to let me lay my head upon Your heart and hear its beating, to learn its rhythm and what causes it to be impassioned or broken. You've longed to reach this place where You could share and trust me with the strategies of Your heart, to partner and co-labor with me as You move throughout the earth with Your Holy Spirit touching lives. You've longed for this place, Lord Jesus, the bridal chamber of Your heart.
     And now I know my place, Jesus, my place as Your bride, my place seated with You at the right hand of the Father, far above all authority and every power and dominion and every name that is named. I know now, Jesus, that together with You, that everything has been put into subjection under my feet, that You have chosen me to rule and reign with You through all eternity, and that You have chosen me to be Your bridal partner and helpmate, touching and changing lives here on this earth.
     I give myself totally to You now, Lord Jesus, as Your bride, as Your bridal partner and helpmate, to go wherever You go, to do whatever You do, to dance with You on the mountaintops and down into the valleys. I give You my hands to touch and bless through. I give You my voice to speak, praise and worship through. I give You my feet to go into desolate and needy places. But most of all, Lord Jesus, I give You my heart to love and minister through. Together we will do it. Together, Jesus, You and me and Your family, the Church, Your Bride and bridal partner, the family of destiny, the people after God's heart, together we will impact this world for Christ. Amen

(Ps 25:14; Amos 3:7; Eph 2:4-6; Eph 1:20-22)

This Journey In The Garden

     This journey in the garden, through the cross and through the articles of the tabernacle that are symbolic of Christ and that are symbolic of who He is and what He has done for us, brings us to a greater awareness of who we are IN Christ.  As we receive Christ in our hearts, the kingdom of God begins to live within us, and His life then lives out of us.  Our lives become living epistles "seen and read by all men", and we become His disciples, living out our daily lives, reflecting His light and testifying of His love and goodness in our lives.  It is in our "being" more than in our "doing" that we reflect the image of Christ to the world around us and impact our world as a whole.

     Be encouraged as you walk through the garden with Jesus, the Lover of your soul.  Hear His voice speak to you as He reaches out with His love and His Word of truth.  May this garden be an instrument to help you grow in Christ as you continue to spend time with Him in prayer. May you learn to run and dance with Him through the challenges, circumstances, and trials of your life. May you know Him as your sufficiency, and may you experience new levels of His anointing, new levels of His presence and power as you come and commune with Him in the quiet and solitude of this worship garden that He's built for you, His Beloved Bride and life partner.

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