A Personal Exhortation

     To my dear family of Destiny and to the Body and Bride of Christ, as you've read and heard this expression of the heart of the Lord for you, I pray that your spirit has been lifted to new levels of understanding of Jesus' deep and unconditional love towards you, for you individually, and to us corporately.

     God said in His Word, "Make My joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, and intent on one purpose".  I exhort you, that we be united in purpose making it our quest to know, understand, and be that expression of this same forgiving, unconditional and passionate love that our Lord, Master and Bridegroom Jesus has expressed to each one of us.  Every trial, test, challenge and difficult circumstance we encounter centers around His goal of removing any hinderance, obstacle or weakness that would stand in the way of us ultimately knowing, really knowing, and experiencing His love.  Jesus so deeply wants us to experience and know the depths of His sincere and passionate love for us, so much so that He allows us to go through the fiery trials to burn those hinderances off of us.  He will not be denied this intimate relationship with us.  He has shown us that He will go to all lengths, even to His death on the cross, to remove anything that hinders it.  Now THAT'S love! 

     Together let's yield and embrace, personally and corporately, to whatever stands before us, asking the Lord to show us what it is that He is needing to remove from our hearts, so that we can fully receive and experience the full revelation of this personal and passionate love that He has for us and that He has for the world.  As we do this, allowing the power of the blood, the cross and the Word to do it's mighty transforming work in us, we can truly be changed and conformed into Him image and be that mature bridal partner that is the Lord's promised inheritance from the Father.  As we set our hearts on persistently and passionately pursuing His heart we can be that mature bridal partner that walks and lives in the Spirit of His love and authority and that will truly release His glory into our cities and upon the earth.

     I pray that the Lord richly bless you and yours in the days and years ahead as we walk together, as His Bride of Destiny, into new depths and levels, with a new anointing of His love and grace, being an extension and expression of His merciful and passionate heart to the world.  And as we each pursue our heart's desire to know God more personally and intimately, may we continually discover and uncover precious diamonds and jewels of hidden revelation, treasures that God has had hidden there for each one of us from the beginning of time.

Advancing the Kingdom together,

Connie Harper

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