The Articles of
the Tabernacle
Worship with this song of Jesus
seeing Himself in you,
by Alberto & Kimberly Rivera

Album: The Father Sings
              The Pathway of the Cross

     The cross is the pathway we all must take to reach our destiny, to 
become and fulfill the purpose we were created for by God.  It's 
through the cross that our old man, our old sinful ways, the lusts of 
our flesh and the pride of life will be broken off so that the new 
redeemed life of Christ may shine forth.  It's through the cross, the 
fellowship of His suffering that we come into an intimate and personal 
knowledge of Christ.  It's here that we really become conformed to 
His death and give way for the resurrected, redeemed and divinely 
empowered life of Christ to be released in us.

     So, as we enter the garden, our gentle and loving Jesus invites us to take His hand and walk with Him, to join with His heart so that we might come to know Him and to know ourselves.  He will show us that it's through the cross that we will find who we are and who He's designed and created us to be.  The cross is the pathway to life, the abundant life that He's promised us.  Jesus, said, "I've come to give you life and life abundantly."  As we open our heart and walk with Him, He will teach us who He is, what He's done for us, and what He's made available to us through the cross.

     In this garden the walkway of the cross is made of red brick signifying the blood of Christ that was shed for us on the cross, the blood that redeems us and paves the way into the presence of God.  This blood of Christ washes us and makes us clean, washing and cleansing all the sin from our lives.  It gives us a new beginning, an ability to start over and start afresh. Through His love and mercy Jesus took upon Himself the sin of the world, yours and mine, canceling the debt of that sin through the payment with His life and the shedding of His blood.  All we need to do is receive this gift of love and turn from our sin, receiving the power to walk free from it through the power of the Holy Spirit that Christ left for us.  Jesus wants us to not only walk free from sin, but He wants us to totally surrender our lives and our heart to Him, embracing Him as the Lover of our soul, and as our eternal life and marriage partner in the Spirit.

     As we surrender our hearts and lives to Jesus, we come into union with Him as His eternal companion and bridal partner.  The Father has promised His Son, Jesus, a mature bridal partner, one that is suitable to Him, that is equally yoked to Him and that would rule and reign with Him through eternity as He fulfills the mandate the Father gave Him to disciple the nations. Jesus won us, the Church, as His Bride by laying down His life on the cross, dying for our sins and canceling our debt.  We are His, and we can take our position of royalty and authority at the right hand of Christ as "we are seated with Him at the right hand of the Father far above all authority and every power and dominion and every name that is named."  Our surrender and acceptance of Christ's death and the blood He shed for us is the beginning of our salvation and redemption.  Our journey of life after salvation is the process of growth and maturity that the Father takes us through to change us so that we can be conformed to the image of His Son and be prepared and qualified to take our full position of divine bridal partnership.

     The pathway of the cross is the road to this abundant life and total freedom.  No other way can we find it. We must lose our life to find it.  We must die before we can live.  We must become weak before we can become strong.  We must let go of everything in the old life so we can embrace everything in the new kingdom life.  Jesus is our inheritance, but more than that we are His.  Life through the cross allows us to live as just that, as the bride and inheritance of Christ, and to be partakers of our kingdom inheritance and kingdom blessing.  Come and take a walk with Christ through the cross and receive forgiveness of sin and eternal life.  Through the cross receive a life that is worthy of His abundant blessing and a life that is worthy to be His chosen Bride.

    Thank You for the cross, Lord. Thank You for all that it stands for and means to me. I embrace the cross for the remission of my sins, for the new life that You purchased for me through the shedding of Your blood and through the laying down and death of Your life for me and the world. I embrace the canceling and wiping away of the certificate of my debt and all the decrees that were hostile against me, and I acknowledge, embrace, and thank You for disarming and dismantling my enemies and for setting me free from their grasp and control. And now, Lord Jesus, I thank You that You are making a public display out of my enemies and Your victory over them and making me a trophy of Your grace and love.
    Thank You, Jesus, once again for the cross. Thank You for all that it cost You to give me a new life. Help me to always keep the cost before me and keep my flesh and old man nailed to this cross so that my new life and new spirit man can flourish and live. Help me, Lord Jesus, to grow in the power of this resurrected life through knowing You, through knowing and experiencing the cross personally for myself, and through learning and experiencing the blessedness of suffering love, and all that love will go through for the saving life of others.
    I know this grace is only found in You, Jesus, so I give You my life now, and I ask You to come and live in and through me so that my life, through Your grace, may reflect Your life to this dying world. Amen

(Col 2:13-15; Gal 2:20; Phil 3:10, Eph 2:8)

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