A Locked Garden

"A garden locked
is my sister, my bride."

(Song of Solomon 4:12)

     "I love to walk in the garden with My Bride in the cool of the day. I like to compare My Bride of Destiny, this little church, to a locked or an enclosed garden, a garden that's been set apart and closed off from the world just for Me, a place that I can call My own, that is only Mine to enjoy.  I've heard their heart, and they've said "no" to the world and "yes" to Me.  They've separated themselves from those things of the world that use to defile them. They've chosen to come out from among those things and those people of the world, and they've chosen to be separate, to embrace Me and My Word, to love mercy and walk humbly before Me.

     "Did you know that back in the ancient world, a king would have a garden that was his alone to enjoy. a place of His pleasure and rest, and He would go to this garden to be refreshed by it's beauty?  This garden was enclosed and locked so that it would not be defiled or polluted by animals.  The heart of My Bride of Destiny, the heart of this little church, is like that garden.  They've said "no" to the spirit of the world and even to all the busyness of religion, and they have locked their heart and set it entirely on Me.  Wow!  Just the thought of what they've done for Me takes My breath away!"