A Lily Among Thorns

"Like a lily among thorns,
So is my darling among the daughters."

(Song of Solomon 2:1)

     "My Bride of Destiny is unique and precious to Me.  She's different from all the others.  She hasn't tried to be like all the other churches that have busied and cluttered themselves with all kinds of programs and projects.  She's always kept herself pure and focused on just knowing and pleasing Me by just spending time with Me, worshiping Me, keeping our time together intimate and restful.  Oh, we've had our fun and exhilarating times.  She loves to dance before Me, and just praise Me, and express her joy to Me, and I love that.  She loves to worship Me.  That's what I love most about her, that she makes Me feel like the King that I am.  She praises Me in the good times and in the hard times.  Her faith in Me is steadfast and immovable, and she isn't shaken by circumstances and things that try to come in daily to turn her focus and attention away from Me.

     "For years My Bride has had a vision for us, to build Me a house, a house made of hearts, a house where I could rest, a house where we could live and share our hearts together and even bring others into that were hurting and lost, a house where we could minister life and love to them.  She has always kept that vision in front of her, and she has never wavered from it.  I want to bless her for that.  I want to bless her for her perseverance and her faithful love. She is precious to Me and so different from all the daughters, from all the other churches out there.  She's Mine and I am hers, and that excites Me.