Kingdom Transference of Wealth

     I take my position in the Kingdom through Christ Jesus, and I stand in the authority that has been given to me through His name, the name of Jesus, the name above all names, the name by which every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord.

     In His name and by His authority I take ownership of this kingdom of the lottery, for "the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ".  I take ownership of it and I bring it into the Kingdom of God, under the lordship of Jesus Christ, and under the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Through the authority in Christ Jesus, I channel and guide this wealth of the wicked into the hands of Kingdom believers, into hands of givers, tithers and those that will be good stewards with Kingdom vision and Kingdom hearts.  I dispatch angels, ministering spirits, to encamp around these recipients to protect them and to guide them in their stewardship.  I apply the blood of Jesus over their lives and redeem them back into their full Kingdom position and purpose.  I take captive their thoughts and bring them into the obedience of Jesus Christ, and I cast down every vain imagination and every high and lofty thought that would exalt itself over the true knowledge of God and that would misalign itself with the perfect will of God.  I draw from that Kingdom anointing and release it into these peoples lives that the Kingdom of God would be established in their hearts and lives just as it is in heaven.  

     I call these recipients to begin to move in the arena of debt cancellation, to begin to receive in their hearts and in their spirit the desire to see families and churches debt free, to begin to release that financial grace gift that has been extended to them, and to be that hand of the Lord that redeems these families out of debt and into a place of new beginning.  I release a spirit of generosity and giving into their lives.  I release a spirit that recognizes the blessing of the Lord upon their lives so that they may be a blessing.  I draw their hearts and spirit to this ministry and to this vision and impart to them the very heart of the Lord through it.  And I pray it be received in the very same spirit in which it was written and shared.  Amen and amen