Kingdom Purpose


  God is looking in this hour to the harvest, to the Great Commission, to the many souls that are hanging in the balance that have yet to make a decision to receive Christ. He gave His Son Jesus to pay the price for their sin, to deliver them, to redeem them and to restore them to Himself, but multitudes have yet to hear or know the truth. And still there are many that are in captivity, in bondage to the oppression and lies of the spirit of this world. As His Body and His Bride we have been given this commission and have a responsibility to share the truth and the good news of His delivering and redeeming power to the world, and the stewardship of our finances can play a significant role in getting the good news out.

  In the book, Fields of Gold, Any Stanley says, "God is concerned about the poor and He's concerned about the Great Commission. That's what He's about. He's made a promise to care for the poor people, and He's promised that the world is going to be evangelized. And He's committed to those objectives. But they're going to cost money. The fact is God will get the money from somewhere, but He'd rather partner with His people to accomplish the work. He's looking for people who are trustworthy stewards to participate with Him by voluntarily using some of their finances in order to fund His interests."

  "God wants faithful men and women to act as conduits for distributing His wealth around the world. Not for personal gain, but for Kingdom progress." He wants to entrust vast portions of His empire into our care to be sown for His Kingdom work, and He is looking for capable managers to handle His affairs, distribute His wealth, and spread His message.

  This is what Operation: Free the Bride is about. It's about releasing a spirit of generosity, sowing into people's lives financially as well as relationally. It's about giving of yourself and your resources and reaching out the hand of Christ to help someone with a new beginning. It's about freeing up our finances, mentoring them in the ways of God, and learning to be good stewards so that we, as His Bride, can freely partner with Him in His mission and ministry. We must get a Kingdom perspective in this last hour and align ourselves with His heart and plan. That's where we will find our greatest joy and fulfillment. That's where we will find what we were created for.

Note: Quotations taken from "Fields of God" by Andy Stanley. Suggested reading. This small paperback book will change the way you think about money and giving.