The Song of Solomon, this little book right in the middle of the Bible, God has tucked away to unfold and reveal in this last hour, an expression of His love for you, His Bride and bridal partner.  This book is about our journey as Christians, our journey of an awakening of love and passion with King Jesus, the One that is our heart's desire.  This awakening is an unveiling of that passion to those that are hungry, willing and committed to pursuing it.

     God created us for this passion.  He created us with a void that only He could fill, a void that only the union and position of the bridal partnership with His Son could satisfy. It's one of God's ultimate desires for us here on earth that we be that expression of intimate love that is pure and holy, that expression that comes directly out of the heart of His Son's passionate love for His Bride, the Church, His promised inheritance from His Father.

     We ARE His Bride and He wants to speak to us through His Word and through His Holy Spirit to stir, ignite and fan this flame of passionate love, and lift the shame from our lives to hear Him say, "You are Mine.  Receive what I feel for you.  Receive My embrace.  You are dark, but you are lovely to Me.  Even in Your weakness and your immature love you are lovely to Me.  Even in your darkest moments you are the passion of My heart, the apple of My eye."

     The pages ahead come out of a cry from my heart to the Lord, out of a passionate love for Him that He would show me how to release and express this love that He had deposited in me so that I may be able to share it with others.  Over the years I have found through my walk with the Lord that writing has been His gift to me to express my heart and His.  So, with this, I opened my heart to hear what He would say.

     In the days that followed this prayer and quest, I kept hearing Him say, "Come away with Me."  And then I began to experience a burning and a fire in my heart much like I had experienced years ago when the Lord began in me this new passionate love pursuit of Him. At that time the fire and burning I was feeling in my heart was my love and passion for Him, but this time it was different.  This time He was showing me this burning and fire that He was letting me feel was a manifestation of His love and His passion for us, His Bride, for the people of His heart.  He began to show me that He was bringing me to a new place, and that He was pouring out in me a new anointing to feel and express His heart and passion for the people, and that He was going to start that expression right here with my own home church, Destiny Christian Center.

     As I waited on the Lord He began to show me His heart for the people there, His deep love and desire for their heart and their attention.  He said, "They have no clue how much I love them.  They have no clue how lovely and how beautiful they are to Me.  I want them to know how much I love them, how important they are to Me and how I see them already in their completed and transformed state.  Many carry so much shame from their past and for their failures, but they don't realize that My love, that I so passionately expressed to them on the cross, cancels all that shame, all their sin and failure.  My love, if allowed and invited in, is a transforming love, a healing and restoring love.  I'm going to use you to speak to them through My Word and let them know My passionate love for them.  Then I'll make a way in the future for you to share it all with them.  I'll prepare their hearts to receive it, and My Word will fall on good ground and bring freedom and a catapulting of their hearts and lives into a new passionate pursuit of Me, and will bring a new zeal and freedom to their spirit to be who I've called and destined them to be."

     As I took my place by the Lord's side and looked out with Him through His eyes at this little hidden church, a secret place of His grace and love, I began to feel His heart for the people there.  He was not calling me to go out to the world or pray for the nations, He was not even giving me a burden for the lost souls out there in the world.  He was giving me a focus of His love right here and now for this little Bethlehem church, hidden and tucked away in this old renovated drug store of this old shopping center.  His heart and His eye was upon them, and He had purpose and destiny that needed to be birthed from them for His work and plan to be done on this earth.  And so Jesus and I began down this road together through this little book of the Song of Solomon.  And as the Lord spoke--I wrote.

     The pages ahead contain the heart of the Lord for you, my family of Destiny, as well as every person, church and house of worship, as He refers to us as His Bridal partner and His "Bride of Destiny"  They are words from His heart as He has expressed them through this imperfect earthen vessel, molded and shaped by the Father's hands.  I pray they do in you what they've done in me--ignite, stir and fan a deeper and more passionate pursuit of His heart.  I pray you will become a "passionate heartseeker" as well, and come to hear and know these words personally from your own intimate walk and journey with the Lord. 

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