"The Freedom Bell"
by Kent Henry

Album: "Prayers and Intercession"

Prayer and Intercession for the Church
His Freedom Bell

 The vehicle of this world wide web is a powerful tool that God is wanting to use in this last hour to reveal His glory.  His Word says in these last days that the knowledge of His glory will cover the earth.  This website is an avenue God is using to cover the earth with an expression of His heart, the many facets and dimensions of His heart, mind and wisdom.  It is not the work of one person with God, but the working together of many gifts of the many people in Christ that make up this One person in Him - His Body and His Bride.  It is a work of the Spirit that has drawn from these gifts to express something that the Lord wants to say in this hour. Operation: Free the Bride is more than just about getting free from debt and helping others to do the same, but it's about getting free in who we are in Christ and taking possession of those things that are ours IN Christ, those things that are the Lord's and the Kingdom's.  It's about Kingdom purpose and stewardship.  It's about freeing up Kingdom finances so that they can be channeled into the work of the Kingdom for the Great Commission, the heart and ministry of Jesus Christ.  It's about paying our debt to the world by sharing with them the saving knowledge of our Lord and Christ.  But mostly it's about taking us into a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus.

     So as you navigate through this website, it's my prayer that the Spirit of God will touch you and open your heart and mind to new revelation in Him.  We all have family, friends, co-workers, people groups, even cities and nations that we love and carry a burden for, a burden that they would turn their hearts over to the Lord, that they would walk a closer and deeper walk with God.  YOU are God's bell, His "freedom bell", the bell that the Lord will ring in this last hour.  When you pass this website along to others you become His bell that releases revelation and truth that sets people free.

​     The Lord wants to encourage you today in your prayer life.  He wants you to know that when you pray, they go free.  When you pray, heaven moves.  So be encouraged.  Your prayers are going out and up to His throne, and His Spirit is moving in answer to those prayers.  Look with anticipation and expectancy as God begins to move mightily in this last hour.  The Church is being reformed and transformed.  There is a wave of His Spirit that is beginning to move across the land that is bringing a new wineskin to the Church, a wineskin that will be able to hold and contain the new wine and oil, the new wine Anointing for this end time glory.

     Pray and worship with this song, "The Freedom Bell" by Kent Henry and be strengthened and encouraged.  You ARE His bell.