Let Me Hear Your Voice

"You who dwell in the gardens,
The companions listen for your voice--
Let me hear it!

(Song of Solomon 8:13)

     "I want to tell you, My precious Bride of Destiny, that I have cherished our intimate time together in the garden over these years.  And now it's from this anointed and purposeful time that we've shared together that I am charging you to go out into the world.  Go out and proclaim My love for the people, the people that are longing for this pure and holy love that we share.  Go out and shout it upon the mountaintops!  Let Me hear it!  Let Me hear your voice.  Let Me hear you tell the world how much you love Me, how passionately I love you, and how deeply I love them as well, and how I rejoice over you with gladness.  Let Me hear you tell them how you are the joy of My delight, the passion of My heart, the apple of My eye, and how you stir My heart even in your weakness and your immature love.

     "I want to hear your voice, My beloved.  I want to hear you brag on My grace, My grace that's covered and carried you, My grace that's been all sufficient for you, and My grace that's being offered and extended to all that will accept it.  I have so much more love to give and so much more space in My heart for each one that will just say "Yes" to Me as you have done.  Go, My beloved Bride of Destiny, go out into this world.  Let Me hear your voice once again, your voice boldly proclaiming My Word and My heart, feeding the hungry and the hurting, declaring My glory and My grace. It's here My Bride, My precious one, that you will truly be able to show Me that you love Me, when you dance upon your fears, your insecurities and your self doubts, and you boldly share My love to the world.  Make Me smile My beloved.  Let Me hear your voice."