Dove's Eyes

"How beautiful you are, my darling,
How beautiful you are!
Your eyes are like doves."

(Song of Solomon 1:15)

     "My Bride of Destiny has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen, eyes full of love and devotion for Me.  Her eyes to Me are like dove's eyes, eyes that see only one thing.  Did you know that a dove has the capacity to focus its eyes on only one thing at a time?  It sees only one thing.  Tell them that I see the devotion of their heart, and I know that it's only for Me and to Me.  In My view of them, they have already reached that single-minded fervency of love that their heart desires.  I see them already as they will be when My love has completed its work.  I know the power of their true identity, and I know the dynamic of My love that will transform them as certainly as the dawn will come in the morning.  And this is how I desire to relate to them.  This is how I see them, and how I want them to see themselves.

     "As they yield completely to Me and allow Me to fill them with My Spirit and My love, the love that is in Me, the love that transforms and never fails, it will flow out of their eyes and minister life and love and healing to others.  I want to live in them and out of them.  I want to use their eyes to heal and minister My love to this world and to the dying souls in it.

     "Let them know I already see them with My healing eyes, the eyes of single-minded fervent love for Me.  Let them know I see My reflection in their eyes, and it ravishes My heart."