My Beloved's Worship Garden

  (This is a sketch of the design that I saw in my mind's eye.)
Sketch of Garden drawn by
Cheryle Rome Beatty

To the Garden
As you enter the garden you walk along a red brick pathway that outlines the outskirts of the Tabernacle furniture pieces. This pathway is in the shape of a cross, for it is this shape that the furniture pieces took on when they were each laid out in their ordained places. Together they pointed to Christ and His redemptive work of the cross even back in the Old Testament. The pathway is red brick signifying the blood of Jesus that was shed for us for the remission of our sins. 

In the garden you find six small gazebos that each house a piece of furniture that was found in the Tabernacle, the sanctuary of worship that God instructed Moses to build while they were in the wilderness, "that He may dwell among them". In each gazebo and along with each article of furniture is an inscription of its function, its purpose and how it relates to Christ. There is also a bench to sit on while you pray and meditate there. (Click here to read further about each furniture piece.)
The vision of this worship garden was birthed 
out of worship with this song.
It's ALL about Him.