Coming Out of the Wilderness

"Who is this coming up from 
the wilderness, 
Leaning on her beloved?"

(Song of Solomon 8:5)

     "Here she comes!  She's transformed!  She's renewed!  She's radiant!  And she glows with My glory, because she's learned to lean and depend on Me, and she's learned how to love Me with her whole heart. I am so proud of her.  She's My victorious Bride.  She's My Bride of Destiny, the people in this little hidden church that have learned to trust, lean and depend on Me through their trials, tests and challenges.  I know it hasn't been easy, but they've found that I was always there for them.  They've found that it wasn't in their own strength or power that they were going to make it through, but it was through Me, through a life hidden in Me, totally trusting and dependant on Me that would bring them the peace and rest, the healing, the prosperity, the satisfaction and fulfillment, and the significance that they were looking for.

     "My Bride of Destiny is coming out of that dry and barren place now, and they're unrecognizable, totally transformed and eternally changed.  They're coming out radiating My glory and baring My name upon their foreheads.  And I am so proud of them.  They are My Bride, My chosen and anointed ones.

     "Now we'll run and leap and dance together on their mountains and on their circumstances as I send them out to touch the world with My love and with their beauty.  Watch as I work wonders through My Bride.  Watch as I change lives and perform miracles through them because they've enlarged their hearts and sought fervently to know Me and My passionate affection for them.  Yes, this is what I've been waiting for.  This is the Bride I've always longed for, a bridal partner covered in My grace and radiating My glory.  We will make a magnificent team together.  And the world will see us coming and step aside, and the glory and grace that comes from My Father's throne will be released and flood the land and the hearts of the people through us.  We will advance the Father's kingdom together through our love, and it will be an awesome thing to behold."