The Mission

Bless Someone Out of Debt


"For this purpose was the Son of God manifest,
to destroy the work of the devil."
(1 John 3:8)

 Jesus met people at the point of their need. He's the Redeemer that lives in us that's called to touch and release that redemptive grace to others.  As children of God, we are blessed so that we may be a blessing.  We invite you to join in this vision to break the bondage of debt and lack in the Church, the Body and Bride of Christ, by "blessing someone out of debt".  God is inviting us to be His vessel of blessing, to reveal the generosity and sacrificial love of His Son in us that opens hearts to see and receive Jesus.  The power in the life of your giving will perpetuate and release a new flow of God's blessings in your life as well as others, breaking the bondage of debt and lack, and releasing the Body and Bride of Christ to radiate His glory through her giving and generosity.

This ministry, "Operation: Free the Bride" encourages you to:

                      Bless someone.  Ask the Lord to show you someone that you can
                      bless out of debt, and then BE that blessing, mentoring them through
                      "Five Steps to Financial Freedom - God's Way"

     Jesus HAS PAID IT ALL.  Through the cross, by His blood, His death and His resurrection Jesus paid our debt in full.  We are merely releasing in the natural what He has already done in the Spirit.  We are being His heart, His hands and His feet.

     God says in His Word that He give us the power to create wealth so that He may establish His covenant (Deut 8:18).  We believe this ministry is a strategy and tool that He has given us in this hour to do just that, so that He may not only establish His covenant, but that He may also release supply into the Kingdom and into His house allowing His glory to shine through His Church as a sign and a wonder to the world, bringing in and financing the great harvest of souls in this last hour.

                With man this mission would be impossible, but with God nothing is impossible.
                                               "With God ALL things are possible."

     May God richly bless you and yours as you give and participate in this vision, bringing release to the Church, His Body and Bride, releasing her into financial freedom and into her kingly inheritance.

              "Who are you, O great mountain? (of debt, lack and poverty)
"You shall become a plane.....with shouts of 'Grace, grace to it!"
(Zechariah 4:7)

Advancing the Kingdom together

An excellent website to grow in the joy and grace of giving
Generous Giving

"But since you excel in everything--in faith, in speech,
in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in the love we have
kindled in you--see that you also excel in this grace of giving."
2 Corinthians 8:7