Steps to Bless
a Congregation or Ministry Group
God's Instrument of Blessing
"Redeemer Stand-In"
You make
a donation
to the
Church sends
letter & form
to the
The people fill
out and return
forms to the
mails checks
to people
You Are His "Redeemer Stand-In"

Jesus is the Redeemer and you are His "Redeemer stand-in".  Recognize that it's no longer you that live, but it's Christ that lives in you.  He's the One that has placed it in your heart and has given you the ability to bless and redeem this people group from the bondage of debt and lack.

Take your position in Christ - Jesus working, blessing and redeeming through you.

Establish Christ's lordship in this people group by appropriating the authority He's given you in Christ, by declaring to the devil (the spirit of lack and debt) that he must leave, that he has no legal right to operate in these lives.   This people and people group have been purchased by the blood of Jesus and redeemed by His grace, and now you are simply stepping into that place in Christ to manifest what He has already accomplished for them.  You are simply giving yourself to be His instrument to manifest His glory and grace.

By blessing them you are sowing into their lives seed that God will multiply and increase, and that will bring blessing not only into their lives but back into yours as well.  It's holy seed.  It blesses God and He blesses it.